It's major week! Are you feeling lucky?

As the US Open has started, we thought we'd spice things up and give you even more reason to get excited. Predict the winning score and golfer and stand a chance to win an awesome mystery ... See more

Get the whole family involved

Don’t miss out on LGT’s Couple Special. This special includes 6 x 30min sessions for only R1500.

The idea behind the Couple Special is to get the whole family involved. You can split the 6 ...
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Exciting times at Arabella and LGT

With the ever-changing and crazy weather we are having, we thought we would give you all a break on not knowing if you should buy winter or summer gear. We are therefore having a retail promotion of ... See more

Practice like you play, to play like a pro

Rain, rain go away!

Unfortunately, due to the forecast this coming weekend, we have decided to postpone our Callaway ball promotion that we were going to surprise you with. The good news is ...
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Soft, comfortable and absolutely sexy

Young and old, amateurs and professionals, we have an awesome deal on gloves and iron covers. We have the Callaway X-Spann that is soft leather, comfortable and absolutely sexy for both men and ... See more

We have something extra special for our members this week

With crazy winds in the Cape, you can never have enough balls. With the great deals in store, you will never run out. We have fantastic deals on balls for every kind of golfer, from a beginner to a ... See more

The best way to care for the course and yourself at the same time

Now on sale in the Golf Shop, we introduce to you the new Eazi Rakes. With Covid regulations stipulating no bunker rakes to be left on course, a few clever young guys have brought out the Eazi Rake ... See more

Annette's picks of the week

I hope you all had a fantastic week! Thanks so much for the positive response to last week's newsletter. We hope all of you who made purchases this week are very happy with your quality ... See more

Let us help you focus on your golf (and not the weather)

The Cutter & Buck Rainer Jacket has become one of my favorite outerwear pieces. It is light and fashionable and if there is that unexpected rain, then I am covered with the hoodie that is so ... See more

Celebrate your return to the course with us

We really hope that those of you who managed to take a walk/ride around our beautiful course enjoyed it (even a little bit more compared to your rounds in the past). To celebrate your return to the ... See more

Stay warm, stay stylish, stay on top of your game

With all this cold weather about, we have just what you need to stay warm on the course while looking your best! We are offering a great buy 1, get 1 free special on all Ernie Els Wentworth ... See more

It might be chilly out on the course, but that doesn't mean you have to be

With all this cold weather about, we have just what you need to stay warm on the course while looking your best! We are offering a great buy 1, get 1 free special on all Ernie Els Wentworth ... See more

Make every trip a trip of a lifetime

All of our luggage is fashionable and keeping with the trends, designed to make your traveling between different courses as comfortable and easy as possible. With plenty of different compartments ... See more

Make your return to golf even sweeter

We have missed all of our members so much over the past few months and we know how much it means for you to come home to your beloved course. That's why we've decided to make it that much affordable ... See more

Golf is back!

It's official, we have gotten the green light to resume golf at our club from Monday. We've missed you all and are thrilled to have you back. The past few weeks have been tough, but now we have a ... See more

Your Pro Shop team can't wait to see you back in the shop

The Pro Shop is officially open for business. We cannot wait to welcome you back to your friendly Pro Shop, after an extended lock down period. With the beautiful view of the 18th green, we will ... See more

We are back and better than ever | 5 June

The Pro Shop will be open to all Home Owners from Friday, 5th June 2020, home deliveries will also be available.

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No one will care what you shot

This week we are bringing you even more amazing deals, this time from some of the most stylish and trendy brands in golf, G/FORE and Peter Millar.

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Do something today your future self will thank you for

Golfers will spend hours analysing a golf swing trying to find the secret to hitting long and straight drives down the middle of the fairway. However, finding the fairway might be as simple as ... See more

Your new birdie hunters await

This year the better players can go wild with everything. They can have forgiveness and extra distance on iron approach shots, without compromising look, feel, workability or control.

Read ...
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Everything you need to get ready for the course

We are looking forward to hopefully see you back on the golf course soon, but in the interim, we have unbelievable value on offer to get ready for winter!

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Improving your putting is as simple as 1,2,3

In this tip, we are looking at the putting stroke, in particular the movement of the putter head. This is a great way to improve the technique of your putting stroke. It will help you make those ... See more

Work on the right muscles for a better swing

How to check your shoulder turn and swing plane
With Jean van Niekerk (EOGA Arabella)

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Return to the course in the best shape possible

Being home doesn’t mean you can’t work on your golf game. Your physical conditioning is just as important as technique and course management. Improving your mobility from home means that when you’re ... See more

An update from Arabella Pro Shop

The Pro Shop will be closed due to the National Lockdown from today, 24th March until Thursday, 16th April.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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A message from Arabella Pro Shop

We would like to let you know that during this difficult time, the Arabella Pro Shop will remain open for business. We have taken every precaution to ensure your safety.

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Look good, feel good, play even better!

Arabella Pro Shop is celebrating the new month of March with some fantastic deals for all you golf lovers. Get a 3rd item free when you buy any 2 pieces of apparel from 01 March to 30 April ... See more

Good luck to all participating in Club Champs this weekend!

We at the Pro Shop would like to wish all participants in this weekend's Club Champs “Happy golfing!”

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The Pros may have the swing, but you have Cleveland and Srixon

The short game can be easier. A lot easier.

The perfect wedges for golfers who need extra assistance around the greens. The new Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedges.

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Start your weekend off in the best way possible

Start your weekend off in the best way possible. The EOGA team will host another great Sundowner today, the 21st of February. This fun 60’s Hippies-theme competition is a great way to spend sometime ... See more

Play for love this Valentine's Day

The EOGA team will host another great Sundowner today, the 14th of February. We encourage all member to join!

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Discover more joy, satisfaction and accomplishment on the course

The pre-shot routine sets you up for more consistent results and smaller misses. There are 4 key steps to an effective pre-shot routine.

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Get your weekend going the right way

Join the Par 3 sundowner challenge this Friday. Read more by clicking the link below:

There is no better way to start your weekend

We know you've got what it takes

Join us tomorrow afternoon for the ultimate test of your short game, in the Par 3 Sundowner Challenge. There will be an array of appetizing meals to enjoy, ...
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How to ensure solid struck chip and pitch shots all the time

There are 4 essential elements:

• Front foot flared out, with the knees turned slightly towards the target.
• Body weight 60% on the left, with zero tilt behind the ball. It ...
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Get your golfing gifts before they are gone

Take a look at our Our gift guide for the golf lovers:

Come dine with us this festive season

Got any plans for Christmas? Our Festive Menu's are just what you need to get into the festive spirit.

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Before you go...

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Our golfers gift guide for the festive season

Just in time for the holiday season, make the most of our Christmas specials.

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Everything you need to know about chipping on a slope

With John Thomson (EOGA Erinvale)

Chipping from a downhill can be daunting at times, especially if chipping is not your strongest part of the game. Most of the time, it is a lack of ...
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The power of a pre-shot routine

Most amateurs underestimate the power of a solid pre-shot routine. We don't have 100% control of the outcome of our shots, but we have 100% control on what we do before we hit a shot.

Click ...
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The stick drill

We can use the 3 Stick Drill for creating a draw pattern for irons.

These alignment sticks help with setup, as well as how to come in on the inside of the ball, with the clubface aiming just ...
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How we all fell in love with the game

Contact André for his Junior classes!

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Looking forward to another great weekend of golf?

Make sure to make your way into the Shop to take advantage of these great specials just in time for the summer golf season. Remember, when you look good, you play even better!

Read our ...
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Have you signed up for the Arabella Junior Tournament? 29 September

Are you ready for the Arabella Junior Tournament? It's a great way to introduce your child into friendly competition and also provides the opportunity to make more friends and have plenty of ... See more

Start a lifelong love affair with the game

Get the kids outside and keep them busy this summer!

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Kick off your weekend on a high note

Embrace the spring season!

Join us this Friday for a glass of Voorgee Wine and a gourmet burger and chips for only R120 pp.

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Master your short game

Many players have poor movements within their swing which hinders their distance and direction. A lot of players tend to move their head a lot laterally during the swing and slide instead of rotate ... See more

Conquer the putting green

With the change of season, many different aspects of the golf course change with it. The golf ball rolls more, less spin on and around the greens, the speed and firmness of the greens, etc. Many ... See more

Spinning isn't always winning

Golf ball dimples are a powerful force in the game despite the fact that most players never think twice about them. You don’t really need to know much about the physics or aerodynamics about what ... See more

Know how to make an impact

One of our coaches, Adam Young, specializes in helping golfers determine how to maximize their impact. When your club makes contact with the ball this is “the moment of truth,” and the ball gets its ... See more

Get balled over with our Titleist Ball and FootJoy Glove promo

We will be hosting a Titleist Ball and FootJoy Glove promo with our local Titleist rep on the 26th of July. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on the following:

Pro v 1/1x ...
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Heat up your golf game this winter!

Hot winter specials!

Check out these great deals that are guaranteed to heat up your golf game this winter!

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The Next Generation looks promising!

The Next Generation

Last Friday we hosted an epic event that has made us all excited about South Africa's golfing future. The event was a huge success and we can't wait for the next round in ...
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Teach your kids about friendly competition

Enter them into our #nextgengolfer event on 5 July where they not only have the opportunity to play our wonderful course and have loads of fun, but they can make some new friends and win plenty of ... See more

Is your child the next Gary Woodland?

Enter them into our #nextgengolfer event on 5 July where they not only have the opportunity to play our wonderful course and have loads of fun, but they can make some new friends and win plenty of ... See more

Spoil dad with a few of his favourite things this weekend!

June is dad's month

June is all about celebrating the fathers in our lives, especially on Friday nights!

Check out these specials happening at the Club during the month of June and ...
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June is all about celebrating you, dad!

To all the dads out there,

June is all about celebrating the fathers in our lives, especially on Friday nights!

Check out these specials happening at the Club during the month of ...
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The Gauthey family is teeing it up!

Vivianne Gauthey and her husband Jacques Gauthey came for the TaylorMade Fitting Day. In the picture below they are trying out the new M5 and M6 Series.

Read more in our latest newsletter: ...
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Find out tomorrow what Shrek and these new drivers have in common...

The TaylorMade M5 & M6 Series is not just a pretty face. Peeling back the layers, like an onion, it has everything we are looking for - distance, speed and forgiveness.

If you haven't yet, ...
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Be the best with the best | 22 May

If you haven't yet, there are still some spots left for the upcoming TaylorMade Fitting Day on Wednesday, the 22nd of May, from 10:00 to 14:00.

Find out more in our latest newsletter: See more

Achieve greatness on the golf course

Softer near the center and gradually firmer around the perimeter, Soft Feel’s Energetic Gradient Growth Core feels soft while maximizing ball speed.

Our tour-proven 338 Speed Dimple Pattern ...
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Make speed your new middle name | 22 May

If you want to unleash your potential with a "spicy" driver while your buddies take their chances with another brand, don't miss our fitting day on 22 May 2019 from 10:00 - 14:00

Read more ...
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Get up close and personal to the green

Developing Touch on or around the green

Golfers with a good short game have a great control of distance and can adjust easily to different speed greens. Developing distance control is ...
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Become a lean chipping machine

Learn to lean forward

The most common thing that causes poor contact in shots around the green is the hands and wrists trying to scoop the ball in the air.

Read our newsletter here: ...
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Go further than you've ever gone before | 27 April 2019

The new Srixon Z85 range is Srixon's fastest, longest and most workable yet. They guarantee it.

Read more in this week's newslettter: See more

Conquer the course with Srizon's Z-series

Srixon is paying us a visit next weekend Saturday, on the 27th of April. Look forward to getting fitted with the latest Z-Series Irons and Woods at the Driving Range!

Read further in the ...
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Reach for a dream - Swing for a cause

Golf and charity have always gone hand in hand.
Contact us for any further enquiries or visit to make your bid.
This is definitely a golf day which should not be ...
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These April specials are no joke!

We've got quite a few specials lined up this month...

Why don't you pay a visit to the Pro Shop and see for yourself?

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Callaway is going crazy with their prices!

Come into our shop and take a look at all the head-spinning Callaway promotions that are running. Take a look at the posters below for a sneak-peek on what to expect.

Now is the perfect time ...
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Your afternoon plans are taken care of

We are delighted to announce that Arabella is now running a twilight special everyday from 1pm to 3h30pm up until the end of August for only R599.
This price includes clubs, a golf cart and 9 ...
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The March madness continues...into April

1st-31st of March

Get 10% off on any full priced Daily sport clothing.

1st-30th of April

Buy any Callaway clothing and receive 2 sleeves of Callaway Supersoft balls ...
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There's more than one way to spend your holiday at Arabella

Kids activity
From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Saturday, the 30th of March 2019, the world will come together to shine a light on the need for climate action by going dark for Earth Hour, a global effort to bring ... See more

Congratulations to our 2019 Club Champion, Gail Witcomb!

We were so excited to see Gail winning the Club Champs. Gail has been part of the Ladies’ Clinic these last few weeks. Congratulations Gail, keep up the hard work!

Also, our other winners ...
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EOGA Golf Academy has landed on our fairways

EOGA has arrived at Arabella this month and what an exciting few weeks it has been.

André Loots, the coach based here, has been busy meeting with the members of the club.

Read more ...
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It's all up to you...

We would like to host a Callaway fitting day, but we would need to have a few people sign up first to make sure we could make this day great for everyone.

Read our newsletter for more ...
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Join us tomorrow for a fun par-3 challenge! | 23 February

We'll be hosting a par-3 challenge this Saturday on one of the short holes where you need to hit the green and stand a chance to win a panoramic towel or a divot tool. It costs R100 to take part in ... See more

We're spreading the love this February...

Find your way to the Pro Shop on Valentine's Day next Thursday. We're running a special promotion on this special day, just for you!

Find out more in our latest newsletter: See more

Hold on to your seats!

We've got a treat for you!

The new Callaway Epic Flash Driver is making it's way to our Pro Shop. Soon we will have demos ready for you to try out!

Stay tuned to be one of the first ...
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Getting on the technical side of things

Learn everything there is to know on the new Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter! This discussion focuses mainly on the weight distribution in the new putter, but also answers other questions like: how does ... See more

Speed up your putting game

Last week Friday we had a putting challenge for our members. Now, if you struggled with your speed control game, let us give you a few pointers. To get the ball close on long putts, speed is likely ... See more

So you think you can putt?

We will be hosting a putting competition on the 4th of January at 15:30 for 16:00 on the putting green. To book please add you name to the list on the noticeboard. R50 entry fee (Callaway prizes up ... See more

Turn your putter into a magic wand | 15 December 2018

We will be hosting an Odyssey Putter Fitting Day on Saturday, 15 December, from 9:00 on the putting green when our local rep will assist everyone and tell them more about the putters.

Read ...
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Improve your confidence, control your game | 8 December 2018

We would like to host a Titleist fitting day on Saturday 8th December, but we would need a few golfers that will be attending the day before to make all the arrangements for the event.

Read ...
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It's time to fill up your Christmas stockings!

Have yourself a merry little shopping spree!

Buy any 2 Ernie Els golf shirts and get 15% off on the purchase.
Buy any 2 shirts at full price and select a 3rd shirt on the sales rail for ...
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Make plans to drop in at our Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is here and this year you would not want to miss out on our selected items that will be marked down by 60%.

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A 1000 new shots in your bag | 27 October 2018

We still have spots open for our upcoming Cleveland wedge clinic, and always we have some great deals in store for you. We also give you a handy tip on a different way you can use your sand wedge. ... See more

We're selling big so you can play big!

Our massive clearance sale is still on - all full priced men’s and ladies outerwear get 20% off!

Read more in our newsletter this week: See more

We're clearing our shelves to fill yours!

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Last chance to spoil yourself this Women's Month

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Four decades of short game innovation has all led to this...

On Saturday, 29 September from 9AM - 11AM, we are having an exclusive 2 hour launch demo day for the brand new Cleveland RTX4 Wedges, covering all aspects the new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges. There will ... See more

Gain a whole new perspective on your game

It's Women's Month and we have a big clearance sale on selected ladies clothing until the 31 of August. If you're not in the market for a new wardrobe, we also have a variety of other fantastic deals ... See more