Softer feel but longer carry
The 8th generation Srixon AD333

You want the golf ball with the best balance of distance,
feel and control. That’s the journey to better
value and performance. So what’s new?

Softer compression improves the feel off the club face,
but the core, designed to be firmer at the outside,
still delivers a high ball launch with even less spin.
As well as travelling further,
that means it’ll travel even straighter.

Improved aerodynamics (new 338 Dimple pattern),
create a more stable ball flight that delivers a longer carry.
They also improve the stability and consistency of
the ball flight in windy conditions.

Expect to notice more stopping power,
especially on shorter shots, and shots from the rough.
The 3rd generation Spinskin coating (found on the premium Z-Star)
creates even more friction between the club face and ball at impact.